From Now to New - What You Can Learn From 1000s of Analytics and BI Projects

Improve your performance with the experience of the most successful companies 

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In 2020 we saw a soaring need to equip business users with the tools, data and skills they need to autonomously sift through data assets to inform their decisions and underpin their recommendations. And this need won’t go away even after vaccines have been administered successfully. ​

Scaling self-service has been an ongoing struggle for many. To achieve this, augmented analytics promises a new approach to deliver reliable insights for everyone everywhere. ​

We will discuss the key ingredients to creating a successful analytics and BI landscape with industry experts as well as sharing insights gained from BARC’s major annual "BI & Analytics Survey".​

Topics that we will discuss include​:

  • Augmented analytics​
  • Integrated data & analytics platforms/products​
  • Governed self-service BI​
  • Best practices from thousands of projects​
  • Data literacy​
  • Analytics and BI benefits​

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